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“Assumption of Holy Virgin” church

“Assumption of Holy Virgin” church“Assumption of the Holy Virgin” church is one of the undeniable attractions of Elena, a unique monument of architecture and art from the Renaissance era; located in the same yard with the church “St. Nikola.” It is the site of an old chapel from an initiative of rich Elena citizens. Construction started in 1836 and completed in 1838. It was built entirely of stone from a fortress that was destroyed in the park Kaleto.

With its impressive dimensions (length 33 meters, 21 meters wide, 25 meters height) and bold and successful architecture, the temple is one of the most important representation of the church building during the Renaissance. It was the largest in the whole north till the liberation of Bulgaria and now one of the largest in the country today.

The construction of the church was done by Master Miho from the neighborhood Upper Bolertsi near Elena. The entire building was done with solid material.

It is a three-nave church, with a gallery above. The three-nave are separated by two rows of four columns consistent around. A separate building is the tower of the bell tower, built in 1912.

“Assumption of Holy Virgin” church and the bell tower   “Assumption of Holy Virgin” church

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