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“Saint Nikola” church

“Saint Nikola” churchNear the Daskalolinitsa is “Saint Nikola” Church, the oldest in the town of Elena. From a correspondence on an old psalm-book, given to the church from a man called Pera in 1518, it is understood that in the beginning of XVI century the church has already existed. Legends say that there were a lot of parchment manuscripts. There was a priest appointed to keep the manuscripts and give them to the population to be read. On 23rd of April 1800, on Saint George’s day, the town of Elena was attacked by kardzhalii and the “Saint Nikola” church was burnt down. A considerable part of the old books were burnt. The church was rebuilt in 1804 by the population of the town with the money of the rich citizens. It was rebuilt for forty days without the permission of the Turkish authorities.

From the outside its architecture is modest and simple on the purpose not to irritate the oppressors. Inside the church is in accordance with the traditional orthodox style grasping the church being a mirror of the human’s soul.

“Saint Nikola” church was painted by the famous in the old days icon – painters David and Yakov, born in Dolni Bolertsi neighbourhood. They finished the decoration of the church between 1817 and 1818. They were helped by the Elena`s icon-painters Yoan Popovich and Yordan Mihov Klimentski. The frescoes are highly valued and considered monuments of the culture with national importance. On the right hand side near the altar was built a slab-stone with an inscription made by Doyno Gramatik, stating the date it was built and the names of the church-donors. The wooden iconoclast and the bishop`s stall are to be of great value.

In 1966 the church construction was strengthened. During the restoration of the wall-paintings above the north door a second slab-stone was found. On it was the raised face of Patron Saint of the “Saint Nikola” church.

Стенопис от Църквата "Свети Никола"   Стенопис от Църквата "Свети Никола"   Стенопис от Църквата "Свети Никола"

Свети Константин и Елена- стенопис от Църквата "Свети Никола"   Стенопис от Църквата "Свети Никола"

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