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The Clock Tower

The Clock TowerThe remarkable and original monument of culture in Elena, with national importance, is the clock tower. The place was chosen so that it could be seen and heard from every point of the town. The Clock Tower, the tip of the “Holy Assumption Church,” and the Bell Tower are vertically aligned.

Build in the year of 1812, by an unknown builder from Elena. In the prayer book of the Priest Hristo Kurshov is mentioned, “…To be known when it was built in 1812, the bell was fixed on Inov Den (Midsummer Day).” The mechanism and bell which are inside the Clock Tower were bought from Patron Faisi aga. The bell was infused in the town of Gabrovo, as evident by the inscription on the bell. The tower was thoroughly re-built in 1857 or 1858 by a famous Elena builder Tsoncho Ustabashi, was stabilized in 1953 and completely restored in 1987.

The tower consists from three parts, which are harmoniously coordinated. The base of the tower is made of stone and is square shaped, with a height of 12,5 meters with elucidated loop-holes. The middle part is an eight-sided prism with plastered walls, painted and whitewashed, covered with copper lament. The mechanism of the clock is inside the prism. The top part is a square with light weight wood construction and it is open from all sides and angles. Inside hangs the bell. The roof is cone-shaped, trimmed with copper lament and has a tall point with four lead balls.

The Clock Tower on sunset   The Clock Tower, the “Holy Assumption Church,” and the Bell Tower


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