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DaskalolivnitsaThe “Daskalolivnitsa” was the first Bulgarian civil building in the town of Elena. It was built in 1844 to satisfy the needs of the first Bulgarian class school. It was founded in 1843 by Ivan Nikolov Momchilov and named “Daskalolivnitsa” by Petko Rachev Slaveykov – a former pupil of the school.

Ivan Nikolov MomchilovThe building has two stores. It is built from stone and wood. On the ground floor there are three big, well lighted basements each having its own door. They were used as workshops. On the second floor the classes have taken place. Here were the teacher`s room, two class rooms and store-room. The class school had all modern school appliances, a new class program and new pedagogical skills. Here were taught teachers, intellectual and political leaders. Elena`s class school has sent teachers to 61 towns and 31 villages in the whole country.

The founder of the first Bulgarian school was Ivan Nikolov Momchilov (1819 – 1869). He was an eminent teacher of the National Revival, translator, author of many manuals and textbooks. He is the author of the “Grammar of the contemporary Bulgarian language”, where the principles of the Tarnovo school were used.

Pucture from museum   Old Globe used in teaching

The building is a cultural monument of national importance. It was restored in 1963 and its whole appearance was preserved. Some adaptations in the inner part were made and there was arranged the exposition “Elena during the Renaissance”. There in documents and photographs is presented the history of the town of Elena from its foundation till the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878. The participation and contribution of the town in Bulgaria's National Revival are also shown.

On the ground floor is arranged the exposition "Chapel of Saint Michael the Archangel”. There are exhibited icons, church plates and murals from the destroyed church in the village of Shilkovtsi.

Cross Снимка от параклиса Архангел Михаил

If you want to learn more about Daskalolivnitsa read the history of Elena.


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