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The House of Yurdan Hadzhipetkov

The House of Yurdan HadzhipetkovThe house of Yurdan Hadzhipetkov, a monument with local importance, is located on 2 “Ilarion Makariopolski” Str. and differs from the most of Elena houses. It was built upon the foundations of an old burnt house. The house has two stores. The ground floor has brick-walls. It consists of big workshop with two entrances, cellar, three rooms and entrance hall. The second floor was residential.

Nowadays the house is used for the needs of a picture gallery with a great picture-stock, more than 1000 exhibits in two sections – “Medieval and revival art” and “Contemporary paintings”.

In the yard is the old house where the writer Petko Yurdanov Todorov was born. One store faces the street and two stores face the river. It is a plank house with a wide eaves. Between the two houses is the monument of the famous Bulgarian writer.

In the same house was born the sister of Petko Yurdanov Todorov – Mina, well known from Yavorov`s poetry.

The old House of Yurdan Hadzhipetkov   Monument of Petko Yurdanov Todorov


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