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Kamburov Inn

Kamburov InnThe Kamburov Inn was built in the middle of XIX century and named after its owner Stoyan Kambura who had taken part in Dyado Nikola rebellion in 1862, in Hadzhistavreva insurrection (1862) and has been a member of Elena`s rebellion committee. The Inn is a monument of culture with local importance.

The architecture of the Inn is expressive and simple at the same time. Broad eaves, flint and stone work, white plaster. The architecture shows its function – Inn dating from the revival period.

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The inn was formerly located in the village of Yovkovtsi, but due to the construction of Yovkovtsi Dam, it was dismantled and moved to a new location in the town of Elena - the architectural and historical complex “Daskalolivnitsata”. Nowadays in the Inn is arranged an ethnographic exhibition, showing the material life and culture of Elena`s population in the late XIX and early XX century.

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